FC Mome


For the child inside all of us.

Product Description

Under ideal conditions, FreshCar air fresheners have been tested to last for six weeks. However, extreme conditions such as temperatures above 320 C and relative humidity of more than 150% can potentially reduce this time to four weeks.

Things that reduce the life of a FreshCar:

What makes FreshCar last less? What can you do?
If the vehicle is always parked in direct sunlight. Try parking under a shade, or relocate the freshCar from the rear view mirror and away from direct sunlight.
FreshCar is still effective if you want to drive with the windows down once in a while, but not always. Keeping the windows up and using your air conditioner not only increase the FreshCar’s  life, but also protects the cabin from dust and pollution.

You could also remove the transparent packaging partially instead of removing it completely.


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